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It Takes a Village

 All Village Corporations are Members 

Review the different options for Membership and determine your level of support for ANVCA to select the best choice for your Village Corporation. 

Full Vs. Affiliate Members According to the bylaws Full Members pay dues within the recommended structure allowing them to vote at the Annual Meeting and making them eligible to hold office on ANVCA Board of Directors. 

Affiliate Members are non-dues paying members; they may attend and participate in events.


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ANVCA Memebrship

ANVCA Members


Mount Blackburn

Alaska Peninsula Corporation

Huna Totem Corporation

Natives of Kodiak

Ounalashka Corp

The Port Graham Corp

Salamatof Native Association

Shee Atika Incorporated

St. George Tanaq Corporation

St. Mary’s Native Corporation

Mount Alverstone 

Akiachak Limited

Atquasuk Corp

Baan-O-Yeel Kon Corp

Cully Corporation 

Council Native Corp.

Deloycheet, Inc.

Gwitchyaa Zhee Corporation

Kokarmuit Corp

Kootznoowoo, Inc.

Kotlik Yupik Corporation

Leisnoi, Inc.

Nima Corporation

Oceanside Corp

Qinarmiut Corporation

Stebbins Native Corporation

Swan Lake Corp

Togiak Natives Limited

Toghotthele Corporation 

Tuntutuliak Land Limited

Twin Hills Native Corp

Tyonek Native Corporation

ANVCA Mount Kennedy Membership

Aleknagik Natives Ltd.

Athmauthuak, Ltd.

Akhiok Kaguyak Inc.

Bean Ridge Corp

Becharof Corporation-Egegik

Belkofski Corp

Chefarnmute, Inc.

Chitina Native Corporation

Council Native Corp.

Deloy Ges, Incorporated

Dineega Corporation 

Hee-Yea Lindge Corp

Kake Tribal Corp

Kijik Corp

Knikatnu, Inc.

Kokarmuit Corp.


Minto Development Group

Pedro Bay Corporation

Seth-De-Ya-Ah Corp

Shishmaref Native Corp

Tikigaq Corporation

Unalakleet Native Corp

ANVCA Affiliate Members (if you are listed here you are not a paid member)

Akutan Corp

Alakanuk Native Corporation
Alexander Creek, Inc.
Askinuk Corp
Atxam Corp
Azachorok, Inc.
Bay View, Inc.
Beaver Kwit’chin Corp.
Brevig Mission Native Corp.
Caswell Native Association
Chalkyitsik Native Corp
Chaloonawick Corp
Chaluka Corp
Chevak Company, Inc.
Chickaloon-Moose Native Corp
Chignik Lagoon Native Corp
Chignik River, Ltd.
Chinuruk, Inc.
Choggiung, Limited
Chuloonawick Corp.
Danzhit Hanlaii Corp
Dinyee Corp
Dot Lake Corp
Ekwok Native, Ltd.
Elim Native Corp
Emmonak Corp
The English Bay Corp
Eyak Corporation
Evansville, Inc.
Far West, Inc.
Gold Creek-Susitna NCI

Golovin Native Corporation
Grouse Creek Corp
Gulkana Village Corp
Haida Corp
Hungwitchin Corp
Igiugig Native Corp.
Ignalik, Inc.
Illiamna Natives Limited
Inalik Native Corp
Iqfijuouaq Company, Inc.
Isanotski Corp

Kaktovik Inupiat Corp
Kasigluk Corp
Kavilco, Inc.
Kenai Natives Association
Kian Tr’ee Corporation

Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corp
King Cove Corp
King Island Native Corp
Klawock Heenya Corp
Klukwan, Inc.
Koliganek Natives, Ltd.
Kongnigkilnomiut Yuita Corp
Koyuk Native Corp
Kugkaktlik, Ltd.
Kuitsarak, Inc.
Kukulget Inc.
Kuukpik Corp.
Kwethluk, Inc.
Kwik, Inc.
Levelock Natives, Ltd.
Lime Village Company
Litnik, Inc.
Manokotak Natives, Ltd.
Mary’s Igloo Native Corp
Maserculiq, Inc.
Mandes Chaag Native Corp.
Minchumina Natives, Inc.
Montana Creek Native Association
Napakiak Corp
Napaskiak Corp
Neets’Al Corp
Nelson Lagoon Corp
Nerklikmute Native Corp
Newtok Corp
Ninilchik Native Association
Northway Natives, Inc.
Nunakauiak Yupik Corp
Nunamiut Corp
Nunapiglluraq Corp
Nunapitchuk Ltd
Ohagamiut, Inc.
Olgoonik Corp
Olsonville, Inc.
Oscarville Native Corp
Ouzinkie Native Corp
Paimuit Corp
Paug-Vik Inc.
Pilot Point Native Corp
Pilot Station, Inc.
Pitka’s Point Native Corp
Point Possession, Inc.
Qanirtuuq, Inc.
Qemirtalek Coast Corp
Russian Mission Native Corp
Saguyak, Inc.
Sanak Corp
Savoonga Native Corp
Sea Lion Corp
Seldovia Native Association
Shaan Seet, Inc.
Shaktoolik Native Corp
Shumagin Corp
Shuyak, Inc.
Sivuqaq, Inc.
Solomon Native Corp
St. Michael Native Corp
Stuyahok, Ltd.
Tanacross, Inc.
Tanalian, Inc.
Teller Native Corp
Tetlin Native Corp

The Kuskokwim Corporation
Tihteet’Aii, Inc.
Tozitna, Inc.
Tulkisarmute, Inc.
Tununrmuit Rinit Corp
Uganik Natives, Inc.
Unga Corp

Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation 
Uyak, Inc.
Native Village of Venetie
Wales Native Corp
White Mountain Native Corp
Wisenak Village Group
Yak-tat Kwaan, Inc.

Zho-Tse, Inc.