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It Takes a Village

2019 DC Legislative Fly-in September 15-19, 2019


ANVCA invites YOU to join us at our annual Legislative Fly-In September 15-19, 2019 where we will be advocating our our 2019 Federal priorities 

ANVCA does all the work to research to ensure our teams are meeting with legislators that have the most impact on these selected topics, these will include meetings with Federal Agencies as well as congressional members, we produce all of the materials you will need to properly advocate on these issues. You will be placed into teams and assigned an experienced team leader for each group.

Fly In Schedule

September 15 - Travel Day

September 16 - Orientation Government Briefings

September 17 - Hill meetings

September 18 - Hill meetings

September 19 - Travel day  

2019 Federal Priorities

Protect Native 8(a) Contracting and support increased opportunities for ANC economic development

  • 10 % Indigenous Contractor Preference in each Agency
  • Eliminate Section 811 of the FAR
  • Oppose HR 190 sections that negatively impact Native Contracting
  • Develop solution to require contracting floor (goals) within tier 1 government contracts and make sure these are enforced via audit

Contaminated Lands legislative objectives:

  • Swap undesirable ANCSA (contaminated) lands with unencumbered federal property
  • Adopt mitigation clean-up credits and tax credits for clean-up activities on ANCSA lands 
  • Require a minimum of bi-annual agency reporting on the status of clean-up on ANCSA lands 
  • Provide Native contractor preference for clean-up on Native lands 

Infrastructure - Energy legislative priorities:

  • Ensure that Alaska Native Corporations are included in Public/Private investment and service opportunities for major public infrastructure projects
  • Provide more funding opportunities for DOE energy grants to Alaska Native Village projects

Equitable Revenue Sharing:

  • 3% of all Royalties from the 10-02 Area of ANWR will be shared with Alaska Native Corporations 


ANVCA will host a networking reception in the Capital Building during the week, if you would like to explore a sponsorship of this event you can register as a sponsor organization, in addition monies are needed for meeting space rentals, food costs, etc. 

Village or Partner Corporation Sponsorship - $2500

Includes up to 5 registrations for individuals in your organization as well as your logo and verbal recognition at all hosted events. You can register as a sponsor by clicking the register button above! 

We look forward seeing you all in DC this year, registration closes for this event on August 16 at 5:00 p.m. we will schedule a training session prior to leaving and provide you with briefing booklets on all of the above topics one week in advance of the trip. 

Register today!