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Mission and Vision

ANVCA Mission

ANVCA promotes the success of our Village Corporations and protection of our Native lands.


The vision of ANVCA is to support the mission with projects and activities that provide:

  • Education to Village Corporations
  • Advocacy for Village Corporations
  • Outreach to and inclusion of Village Corporations statewide
  • Village Corporation sustainability

ANVCA Board Members

ANVCA is comprised of a group of dedicated board members that exercise our mission statement daily and act in the best interest of Village Corporations.  Elections are held at the Annual Meeting & Conference in accordance with ANVCA Bylaws.

Chair – Seat H                                Nathan McCowan
St. George Tanaq Corporation
Seat Expires 2021

Vice Chair – Seat C                      Charles W. Totemoff
Chenega Corporation
Seat Expires 2020

Secretary – Seat F                         Nancy Andrew
St Mary’s Native Corporation
Seat Expires 2022

Treasurer - Seat B                          Jana Turvey
St Mary’s Native Corporation
Seat Expires 2021

Board Member – Seat E            Roberta "Bobbi" Quintavell
Sitnasuak Nativ Corp.
Seat Expires 2022

Board Member – Seat D         Ron Philemonoff
TDX Corporation
Seat Expires 2020

Board Member –                        Dorothy Shockley 
Bean Ridge Corporation
Seat Expires 2021

Board Member –                      Curtis McQueen
Eklutna Inc.
Seat Expires 2020 

Board Member                         Anne Thomas
Chitina Native Corporation
Seat Expires 2022


ANVCA Bylaws

The purpose for which ANVCA was formed includes the following:

  • Provide services that will improve success, efficiency, profitability and stability to its member corporations;
  • Advocate for policies that will benefit and protect the interest of Alaska Native Village Corporations with local, state and federal governments;
  • Provide an officially recognized voice for the interests of Alaska Native Village Corporations;
  • Provide a network of mutual support and technical assistance that will enhance the success of all Alaska Native Village Corporations and their shareholders;
  • Promote responsible resource management and developmental policies;
  • Encourage a mutually respectful and cooperative relationship with Alaska Native Regional Corporations, tribal entities and other businesses for the overall benefit of Native peoples; and
  • Promote a positive image of our corporations with our shareholders, Native children and the general public.

Click here to read the full text of the Second Amended Restated ANVCA bylaws (revised April 2017).


Our Programs

Legislative Fly-in

In alignment with our vision,  ANVCA promotes interaction of our Members and Partners with lawmakers in Juneau and Washington D.C. 

ANVCA takes one trip to Juneau (typically in February) and one trip to Washington DC (typically in September) with its member organizations each year.  

ANVCA offers advanced training and preparation for individuals new to advocacy work, makes arrangements for specific meetings (and other events) and coordinates the entire Fly-In around our common goals.  

Fishnet Lunches

Fishnet Lunches are ANVCA’s version of a lunch and learn. Each lunch is  assigned a specific topic to benefit Members and Partners.  ANVCA takes the opportunity to address and discuss items relevant to Alaska Native Village Corporations. The lunches are open to the public, however Members and Partners may receive a special entry discount. These lunches often feature local guest speakers and topics of high importance to Members and Partners.

Annual Meeting and Business Conference

ANVCA hosts our Annual meeting and election of the board, within our two-day conference that provides Alaska Native Village Corporations with current and relevant topics. This conference is unique in the fact that it is the only conference dedicated to Alaska Native Corporations collaborating, sharing best practices, information and strategies along with providing the opportunity to meet other professionals serving in similar positions.