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Job Opportunities


Goldbelt Inc.

SEEKING Chief Financial Officer

Goldbelt,  Inc. is an Alaska Native Corporation committed to building a brighter  future for its shareholders. Goldbelt seeks to intertwine Tlingit  culture and tradition with successful business practices, growing  opportunities for the future while honoring our history, ancestors, and  values. 
Goldbelt  is global in its business operations, with over 1,400 employees in all  50 states and 7 countries; yet local in its devotion to providing  opportunities to shareholders and growing economic development in  Southeast Alaska. Our companies employ experienced, seasoned  professionals and tradesmen across a diverse portfolio performing  engineering and management, information technology, and construction  services in federal contracting in addition to robust commercial Alaska  Operations.  
Our federal contracting and commercial operations support the mission of Goldbelt and we are seeking an experienced  CFO  to join the team and to lead with our companies mission, vision, and values.  


Shee Atika' Incorporated

SEEKING President Chief Executive Officer 

Shee Atiká, Incorporated (SAI)  is one of approximately 200 Native Corporations organized pursuant to  the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (“ANCSA”), as amended. SAI  presently has just over 3400 shareholders, mostly Alaska Natives of  Tlingit heritage. 


Sitnasuak Native Corporation

SEEKING Chief Executive Officer
Sitnasuak Native Corporation (SNC) is currently recruiting for  President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  positions  to provide strategic and corporate leadership. Interested candidates  are encouraged to contact Heather Spear-Morris, Vice-President of Human  Resources, at (907) 929- 7000 or via e-mail at  hspear-morris@snc.org .  
 The  President will serve as SNC’s “ambassador” and, in cooperation with the  Board Chair and CEO, represents SNC to Shareholders, fellow Alaska  Native corporations, tribes and local, state and federal agencies. The  President will oversee and monitor the implementation of corporate  policies and directives.  
 The  CEO is responsible for the business activities and strategic direction  of subsidiaries and business affiliates. The CEO will oversee  development of strategic business plans to execute growth strategies and  direct oversight of sales, financial and budget processes, general  business administration, and subsidiary operations.